Official binary distribution

Here you can download the official distribution package.

Download Flux 2.2.1

SHA-1: 08270d07892db9b43574f43e63c5f7c56bbc7040

Flux 2.2.1 is a rebuild from the official GitHub sources. His playing strength matches that of Flux 2.2.

Download Flux 2.2

SHA-1: 80c8f8061e92ccfb9b597e7d5eb1ecb7b7d357f7

This is the last closed source version.

Download Flux 2.2 ja

SHA-1: f15b57ed3076fec65969c9b8aa179e5e2624a096

This is a recompile of Flux 2.2 from Jim Ablett. Thank you Jim!

Official source distribution

Flux Chess is released under version 3 of the LGPL. Fork it on GitHub if you like!

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